Is it safe to use tap water to top off my lead-acid batteries?

Well-water should never be used to top off batteries. In fact, this will certainly cause premature battery failure and void your battery warranty.

City tap water is safe if it has been tested at or below 50-ppm total dissolved solids.

To maximize your battery life, always use distilled or deionized water. AMPRO offers low-cost deionizers to ensure approved water is always added to your batteries.

When is the best time to add water to my batteries?

The best time to add water to your forklift battery is at the end of a weekly or equalizing recharge. Electrolyte levels drop as they sit idle. If a battery sits longer than twelve hours post equalize charge, reconnect the charger to the battery for 15‒20 minutes and then top off to ¼” below the cell cover vent well. This practice will greatly reduce the risk of those annoying “boil overs.”

How frequently should I water my batteries?

It is best to add water on a weekly basis regardless of operation. Weekly watering will help maintain full charge and specific gravities, thus maximizing your battery’s performance and life!

My sit-down electric forklifts have hoods that cover the battery top. Is it safe to recharge my batteries with the hood closed?

Always recharge lead-acid batteries with the hood raised. Charging with the hood closed can cause excessive heat generation to the battery and concentrated hydrogen gas accumulation in a small area. In these conditions, even the slightest arc could cause the battery to explode.

However, lithium batteries can be recharged with the hood closed.

Can my existing lift trucks be converted to use lithium batteries?

Yes! AMPRO offers a complete line of lithium batteries for all Class I, II, and III electric lift trucks.

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