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To keep your warehouse operations running smoothly, you need a battery handling option that helps you achieve the following goals.

  • Promotes safety
  • Increases uptime
  • Keeps your fleet busy

With forklift batteries weighing, at times, more than 4,000 pounds, a safe and time-effective forklift battery handling system is essential. But for many businesses, it can be a challenge. When you partner with AMPRO, the days of spending hours removing or exchanging batteries are gone. It doesn’t matter if your forklift fleet is small or big, the right forklift battery handling equipment can help keep your warehouse running at its regular pace – with few interruptions from battery handling.

This is how we center our battery handling solutions around: safety, increased uptime, and customization.


Whether you’re troubleshooting a forklift battery or replacing one, safety should always come first. Battery cleaning, handling, and troubleshooting can cause hazardous spills and subject employees to injuries. Our battery handling equipment simplifies and standardizes the process to ensure safety is always the top priority.

Increased Uptime

Forklift battery removal is a time-consuming process, especially when you’re dealing with multiple forklifts in a day. We strive to reduce your battery-handling related downtime with state-of-the-art equipment designed to seamlessly take care of forklift battery replacement.


When you work with AMPRO, you get a collaborative partner with key management personnel who understand the needs of our customers. Plus, you have a team of experts driven to provide solutions that ensure batteries are handled safely and efficiently throughout the exchange process. We can also provide drawings in various formats and integrate drawings in existing floor plans to provide a solid visual.


The AMPRO Process

Advanced Motive Power Reporting & Optimization™

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Safe Battery Handling Equipment

AMPRO is an authorized dealer of Carney Battery Handling Equipment, a trusted leader in battery handling devices, automated systems, battery changing systems, and more. Ergonomic designs and integrated technology improve workflow efficiency and protect employees during battery exchanges, cleaning, and lifting.


  • All Electric Man-A-Board Systems (no hydraulics)
  • Battery Charging Stands
  • Battery Removal Systems
  • Walk-Behind Battery Transporters

50+ Years Combined Forklift Handling Experience

As experienced industrial forklift battery professionals, we don’t guess when it comes to helping you find a solution. Our experienced team will take the time to understand your operational needs. Then, we offer suggestions that will help transform your business and productivity.

AMPRO helps transform businesses from working harder to working smarter. When you partner with us, you’ll no longer waste money on unnecessary equipment or spend hours doing tasks that you could do in half the time. With controlled spending and increased uptime, you regain power over your business.

Our Promise to You

We promise to provide only the best and most sustainable motive power solutions that make sense for your company, your employees, and our environment.

Forklift Battery Exchange Systems and More

Whether you have one forklift or an entire fleet, battery extraction and handling tools are essential for your business. We recommend the utmost care when it comes to removing forklift batteries. Improper battery removal can pose a hazard to your employees and even damage the batteries you’ve invested in.

With ergonomic designs, our stock of equipment is made to efficiently perform battery handling projects while protecting employees from workplace injuries.

Battery Removal Systems

Find tools for vertical and horizontal battery extraction. Vertical battery removal poses a specific challenge, and we carry equipment for this process.

Battery Charging Stands

Keep batteries and chargers safe during repair. Charging stands are customizable for different heights.

Walk-Behind Battery Transporters

Safely lift, pull, and transport batteries without straining your body.

All Electric Man-A-Board Systems (no hydraulics)

Fully automatic, hydraulic-free, man-a-board systems allow for quick battery handling projects. There is little manual labor or maintenance required for operation. We carry one to six level systems for your convenience.

Best Battery Choice Battery Management Systems

Monitor voltage, temperature, and other essential battery performances. A battery management system (BMS) also helps estimate usage and charge level so you know when to charge or replace a battery.

Battery Cleaning Systems

Keep battery cleaning solution and tools on hand for periodic dusting, high-pressure cleaning, and in case of spills. Regular cleaning helps extend a forklift battery’s lifespan.

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