Our shop has the equipment and experience to bring your battery back to health. We don’t just hop up your battery with high-gravity acid for short-term results! We take our time to exercise the plate material to ensure a 100% capacity battery is returned to you for a long service life. That’s the AMPRO difference!

A battery is the single-most expensive replacement part on an electric forklift!

Regularly scheduled maintenance optimizes the life of your lift truck batteries and allows us to identify minor issues before they become costly problems and possibly cause premature battery failure.

AMPRO’s factory-trained technicians maintain extensive backgrounds in both electrical and mechanical troubleshooting to thoroughly diagnose and repair batteries. As technology evolves, our service team receives continuous training to ensure our customers are getting the most value during on-site visits.

Plus, our field response vehicles are equipped with an extensive parts inventory and the right tools to get the job done!

A Different Approach to
Industrial Forklift Batteries

Powering your productivity starts not only with the right forklift battery power… it also begins with a strong commitment to providing your business with the best industrial battery service available. When you choose AMPRO, you can be confident that you’re getting the right solution that’s best for you, your business needs, and the environment we all share.

What does this mean for you? It means you can count on a service department for forklift batteries that won’t wrangle you into ongoing repairs when it’s really time to replace your battery. And our sales department won’t sell you a new industrial battery when a repair is your better option.

Our Promise to You

We promise to provide only the best and most sustainable motive power solutions that make sense for your company, your employees, and our planet.

At AMPRO, we help ensure optimized battery and forklift operation – just one or an entire fleet!

Service Capabilities You Can Count On

With factory-trained technicians and a typical response time of less than three hours, you can rely on our courteous team to handle your battery and charger service requirements.

AMPRO Field Service

Industrial forklift batteries, chargers, and associated equipment
Fully equipped service response vehicles
Capable of handling 90% of field repairs
Planned maintenance programs
On-site battery cleaning in a closed-loop recirculation system

AMPRO Shop Service

Specific gravity (acid) balancing
Six-hour battery performance rating tests
Neutralize acid shorts
Industrial forklift battery refurbishing and complete rebuild
Thorough charger diagnostics and repair

Industrial Battery Service Keeps Your Forklift Fleet Powered Up

Equipment breakdown can bring your operations to a screeching halt. And it’s no secret that battery-powered lift trucks and all of their moving parts, like batteries and chargers, require a bit of maintenance. When not done properly or consistently, forklift battery maintenance can be time-consuming, expensive, and in some cases, even hazardous.

That’s why it’s important to establish a solid maintenance plan that saves you both time and money. Plus, regular battery and charger maintenance also helps maintain a safe work environment.

When you experience forklift battery problems, The AMPRO team combines 50+ years of experience to expertly diagnose and service your forklift batteries and chargers.

  • No more overspending.
  • Know your monthly budget.
  • Save time and money.
  • Keep your business operating at peak efficiency.
  • Keep your employees and the environment safe.

Preventative Forklift Battery Maintenance Programs

To maximize battery life, batteries should be maintained at optimum levels through a preventative maintenance program. You’ll also avoid costly repairs with a Battery and Charger Service Schedule.


Benefits of a Proactive Industrial Battery Maintenance Plan

  • Extend the life of your batteries and chargers
  • Increase peak performance
  • Decrease downtime
  • Reduce repairs
  • Decrease overall cost of ownership

 Preventative Maintenance Services for Forklift Batteries

  • Scheduled battery and charger PM Service
  • Battery watering
  • Battery cleaning in a closed-loop recirculation system
  • Battery and charger repairs

On-Site Battery Cleaning and Neutralizing

Batteries should always be kept clean and dry.

AMPRO offers an on-site battery cleaning service that removes dirt and grime and neutralizes acid shorts. Our closed-loop system ensures clean water is the only source for rinsing batteries. And contaminated solids are recaptured and treated to achieve safe means for highway transportation.

Risks of a Dirty Lead-Acid Battery

  • Poor battery performance
  • Self-discharge
  • Terminal corrosion
  • Voided manufacturer’s warranty
  • Injuries to employees

AMPRO’s trained battery technicians can visit your site and clean your forklift batteries on a regular schedule.

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Turnkey Installation

Your team of experts at AMPRO has the experience and qualifications to make any turnkey project a success. We will address your unique system needs by designing and implementing solutions that exceed your expectations.

Industrial Battery Refurbishing

Not all slacking batteries need to be replaced. Some batteries can be repaired or reconditioned and returned to you at near-maximum operational efficiency. With a thorough, multi-step refurbishing process, AMPRO guarantees a minimum of 90% of rated capacity upon return. Plus, you’ll get an extended warranty — all at a fraction of the cost of a brand-new battery.

Industrial Battery Recycling

Have a spent battery? Don’t let old forklift batteries take up space in your facility. AMPRO will purchase your spent batteries, pick them up, and recycle them at no cost to you. Proper documentation will be provided upon request for regulatory compliance.

Benefits of Proper Industrial Battery Recycling

  • Less toxic to the environment
  • Safe industrial battery disposal
  • All plastic and metal parts ground up for reuse
  • All acid filtered and processed as a nontoxic byproduct
  • Comply with Federal and State regulations for lead-acid battery disposal

The AMPRO Process

Advanced Motive Power Reporting & Optimization™

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AMPRO will analyze your usage to determine the right motive power solution.
Receive a comprehensive report outlining recommended forklift battery options PLUS your projected ROI and payback.
Choose the solution that makes the most sense for your business.
Get lifetime sales and service support from your AMPRO team.

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