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When it comes to powering your forklift fleet, you need a partner that understands the importance of properly charging lift truck batteries. The type of charger, charging method, and charging duration all make a difference in battery performance, battery life, and the energy costs associated with recharging batteries.

Owner Thomas Foushee has brought together a team that brings a wealth of experience and extensive knowledge of forklift battery charging. You can rest assured that you’re partnered with a supplier that will collaborate to understand your specific application and tailor a solution to meet your operational and financial objectives.

Whether you are changing spare batteries or ready to free up real estate and “park and charge” lift trucks, AMPRO has the right charging solution.

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The AMPRO Process

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Battery Charging Technologies


Conventional battery charging takes 7-8 hours to recharge an 80% depleted battery to 100% state-of-charge.

Start Rates range from 16% to 20% of BAHC.

These are generally used in single-shift applications or when spare batteries are utilized.


Opportunity charging can reduce or even eliminate the need for spare batteries!

Charging occurs during non-productive downtime such as morning, lunch, and afternoon breaks as well as between shift changes.

Start rates range from 25% to 32% of BAHC.

An AMPRO power study is recommended to determine the best battery and charger solution.


Fast-Charging eliminates the need for spare batteries!

Start rates typically range from 33% to 40+% of BAHC and sometimes require vented trays or Lithium batteries.

An AMPRO power study is required to determine the best battery and charger solution.

Battery Chargers for Forklifts

Ask any electrical contractor what draws the most energy in your building. The answers are HVAC and Battery Chargers! AMPRO specializes in providing charging solutions that not only keep your batteries operating at peak efficiencies, but also reduce energy costs!

Find the right battery charger for your forklifts with our lineup of energy-efficient battery chargers designed for conventional, opportunity, fast, and lithium applications.


EcoPoint Conventional
Access High Frequency




ProCore Series
Edge Series

Stryten Energy

EHY Series
EHF Series
Fury X3 High Frequency Modular
Fury X7 High Frequency Modular

Diagnostics and Repair

Lift trucks not lasting a full shift anymore?

Ignoring the problem and compensating for this by “hot charging” batteries on the wrong chargers can cause irreversible damage to the battery.

AMPRO has a factory-trained service team that can quickly identify root causes to battery and charger concerns and provide short- and long-term solutions.

Our Promise to You

We promise to provide only the best and most sustainable motive power solutions that make sense for your company, your employees, and our environment.

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